I have a sore throat, what do I do now? Holiday guide with covid

With more than a million Italians confined to their homes, in mid-July, Covid is already a candidate for the best summer. It is now difficult to imagine what will happen between now and August, given that the pandemic curve is in full growth (in 7 days, all parameters have grown by 50%) and in fact there are no more mandatory measures to prevent infection. , but only recommendations and pleas of individual responsibility. Here are a series of pointers that can then be useful to understand what is happening, how to act, and how to try to secure your planned vacations.

I have a sore throat and I feel cold, is it covid?

Symptoms of the currently most prevalent subvariable in our country (Omicron 5, responsible according to the latest estimates for 6 out of 10 cases) are almost always: severe sore throat, cough and cold, fever or fever, and even high in the first days. It’s the same symptoms as a traditional cold, possibly caused by air conditioning, which can lead to problems with the unusual heat these days. However, the advice is to always do the swab: Omicron 5 is highly contagious and the risk to rule out is making it run at home, especially if you’re planning to spend part of the holidays with your older loved ones, and that might be fragile. The smear should be carried out by everyone in the family, also to rule out (as often happens at this point) outbreaks, with asymptomatic children and young adults completely.

What risks do I take if I am sick? Should a fever and cough worry me?

They make the difference Vaccines, age and health status.

With regard to vaccines, the protection of the latter during the period of prevalence of the Omicron variant, that is, after January 3, appears to be high according to the data of the latest Expanded Report of the Higher Institute of Health, with an efficacy 68% for prevention of severe disease in full-cycle immunized cases is less than 90 days. Because it asserts itself on almost the same level, 68%, in cases with a full course of vaccination from 91 to me 120 days. This rises to 70% in those who completed their course for more 120 days, until87% in vaccination with booster. In preventing infection it equals 39% inside 90 days after the end of the vaccination course, 31% between 91 And the 120 days and 46% behind 120 Days after the end of the course or equivalent 53% with dose booster. Symptoms of covid referred to anyway It is always a good idea to speak to your GPTherefore, you do not need to worry until serious breathing difficulties appear: it may be useful, in this case, to have an oximeter and daily oxygen monitoring. The studies available to date on Omicron rule out that the virus is able to travel beyond the upper respiratory tract and cause pneumonia. The data has also been confirmed in recent days by several primary hospital practitioners, as it has become very rare to encounter covid interstitial pneumonia.

As we age, The risk is also growing that Covid in its milder sub-variable could create problems. It is no coincidence that hospitalizations and deaths include almost all cases aged over 60 and over 70, while the average age of death is around 80. If you are elderly, and especially if you suffer from other diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, but also if you are overweight), you should keep in touch with your doctor and inform him immediately of the infection, so that you are also left open. Possibility use of antivirals or monoclonal antibodies, Which can alleviate the course of the disease on its own if taken in the first five days of illness.

Can I get sick again even if I already have Covid?

Yes, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing Always according to the latest report from the International Space Station. According to expert data, the most affected are primarily the unvaccinated, as well as women, health workers and people who have been vaccinated for more than four months. Since August 24, 2021, 587,347 cases of infection have been reported again, equivalent to 4% of the total of the reported cases. last week The percentage of re-infections out of the total reported cases is 9.5%.an increase over the previous week.

There are no definitive answers about the timing of reinfection. In theory, the probability of infection again is higher if a person contracted Covid in a type other than Omicron, that is, before January. But there are also many short-term recurrences, with Omicron then one of the sub-variables.

Is the mask still needed? Should I use it on vacation, and when?

The mask is useful and how. In particular, Ffp2, which, not surprisingly, remains mandatory on public transport, where it is often impossible to get away from people. Given the unusual contagion of Omicron 5, it should always be worn indoors (from which it almost completely disappeared) and also outdoors, but only in the case of gatherings, concerts and events where we meet with many people who do not belong to the close circle of special contacts Us or in the workplace, when you move from your workstation and if you work closely with colleagues. If you are planning a trip and have already booked tickets and amenities, From a week before departure, it is recommended to use the mask constantly and carefullyAvoid close, unprotected communications as much as possible.

What do I do if the test result is positive and I book a vacation?

Naturally Vacation should be postponedalso because (in addition to the fact that we risk infecting other people) someone else in our family can get sick when we are already traveling, or worse, while we are abroad, where rules other than the Italian ones may apply.

Codacons, the association that protects consumers, has prepared a handy handbook for those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. “According to the rules of civil law, the impossibility of benefiting from the agreed and paid service, for reasons of necessity or force majeure, states that Mandatory reply by the supplier – explained to you -. A valid rule in case you are unable to make use of transportation, accommodations, holiday packages, etc. Services already purchasedThis is why it is necessary to “contact immediately our accommodation facilities, booking agencies, tour operators or travel agencies.” buy servicesAnd open a report on the disease attached to itsmear result A medical certificate, start an application repayment“.

On the other hand, if a flight is booked, it is necessary to follow what is reported on the websites of various companies: in the case of a positive response to Covid, in any case, “the passenger is entitled to a refund Plane ticket cost the same method of payment used on the occasion of the purchase.

Do I have to apply for security before leaving?

No, especially if you are traveling within national borders, as no one is required to have a negative swab or green pass.

But the same does not apply to other European countries: some still need proof vaccination Or, alternatively, a smear performed in the past few hours. Therefore, before booking, you need to check what you need, especially if you are traveling with you Young children, may not have been vaccinated. In addition, some countries still require compile From a document (Passenger Locator Form, PLF). The same goes for travel Outside Europe: in most countries Africans And the South america No document required, while moving to United State a Tinge But a full vaccination is still required for all people over the age of 18. The same goes for Canada, Australia and New Zealand, which still require the green certificate.

All useful and updated information In real time in individual countries, it is available on the Farnesina website, along with the most frequently asked FAQs and on the specific ViaggiareSicuri website.

How do you behave with animals?

During the pandemic, positivity for Sars-CoV-2 has been reported in both farm and domestic animals in many countries. Epidemiological evidence shows that cats (domestic and wild cats) and dogs tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 after contact with people infected with Covid-19 and only a few days before is the news that a cat has transmitted Covid for the first time to a man. Some cats have also shown clinical signs of disease. Despite this, neither cats nor dogs appear to play a role in the spread of the disease.

However, there are specific etiquette rules to secure even four-legged friends, starting with respecting hygiene measures and also paying attention to their contacts: the Ministry of Health has put them in black and white on a special page, where you are. You can retrieve all the information you need to travel safely.

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