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It is the first time, in the lands that the nominations of priests in the world are being evaluated. Bergoglio hastened the appointments of women to the top: “In the future they could lead departments such as the laity, education and culture or even the Apostolic Library.”

Vatican City – Two women for the first time in the Vatican Bishops’ Monastery.

Pope Francis told Reuters: “I am open to being given a chance. Now, in the Synod of Bishops, in the Commission for the Election of Bishops, Two women are going first. It opens a little like this“, He said.

In fact, there is no “committee” to appoint bishops. But it is certain that the Vatican’s “ministry” prepares the investigations for submission to the Pope, who is entitled to make appointments, as stated in Article 105 of the Amshid Evangeliumthe constitution was approved this year which reformed the Roman Curia: “The vocation provides for all that concerns the appointment of diocesan bishops, bishops, apostolic administrators, and, in general, the provision of private churches. It does this by taking into account the proposals of private churches, episcopal councils and papal representations and after consulting the members of Presiding over the Episcopal Conference and the Metropolitan. In this process the members of the People of God in the concerned dioceses also participate in appropriate ways.”

The question of women, and the exclusion of women from supreme ecclesiastical responsibilities, is more urgent than ever. But, Although things went on in the time of the Church, it was accelerated with the pontificate of Pope Francis. The Pope himself remembers how recently, in November, he named a woman for the first time, Sister Raffaella Petriniin his capacity as Secretary-General and therefore the second number of the province of the Vatican State.

Always and for the first time a woman, Sister Natalie PicquartShe was chosen as a Synod vicar: she will be the first in the history of the Synod to be able to vote, and at present also the only one. still Sister Alessandra Smirellian economist, was appointed secretary to one of the Vatican’s greatest doctors, the Department of Integrated Human Development.

Among the lay women who hold important positions in the Vatican, there are Barbara Gattafirst director of the Vatican Museums, Natasha JoffkarDirector of the Theological-Pastoral Directorate of the Directorate of Communication, H Christian MurrayDeputy Director of the Press Office of the Holy See. in january, Francesca Di Giovanni
She was appointed Under Secretary of State for Relations with Countries and International Organizations.

Among other things, the new constitution of Korea states that “any individual of the faithful may preside over a dycastry or living being” and “every Christian, by virtue of baptism, is a evangelist disciple” and “it is impossible not to take this into account in the modernization of the Curia, which Its reform must, therefore, provide for the inclusion of ordinary people, including the roles of government and responsibility”: this means that even ordinary women can lead the monasteries of the Vatican, which is already well known (in 2018, the Pope himself explained that “even women can be Head of the Dicastry”) but is now laid out in black and white. What departments can women lead in the future? “I don’t know,” replied Francis, “the secular service, for example.” “Or I think about education, or culture, or the apostolic library, which is almost a religion.”

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