If you feel faint in the summer, try these remedies to feel better

If you feel faint in the summer due to low blood pressure or hot weather, follow these tips to help you avoid the worst. Unfortunately, the season does not favor recovery for those who fail. Excessive heat, dehydration, and changes in hot and cold temperatures can be a cause of hypotension.

In these cases, it’s a good idea to be prepared to avoid mistakes and be prepared to respond if symptoms arise. Fainting is especially dangerous when you are alone or when you are doing something, such as driving a car. So it’s best to know the symptoms accurately and be safe at the first sign.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of fainting

If you feel faint in the summer, you will immediately have to put yourself on the floor in a safe position. Before fainting, learn to recognize the symptoms. Indeed, before falling to the ground, a person tends to have the first signs, which can be:

  • Feeling hot or cold
  • Increased sweating and heart rate.
  • General malaise and blurred vision.
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • widespread weakness.

When you feel these symptoms appear, immediately stop whatever you are doing and focus only on your body. Sometimes, just stopping activities can lead to fainting. If the sensation you feel increases, lie on the floor or sit down immediately. The ideal position would be to be able to raise your legs or have them rest on an elevated surface. In this way the blood circulation returns to its normal rhythm and all the various annoying symptoms disappear.

Do you often feel faint? Avoid these behaviors

Fainting often occurs in people with low blood pressure as blood flows more slowly to tissues, cells, and organs because of the low pressure. The problem can also occur by chance: it occurs when our metabolism is tired, unbalanced or difficult for some reason.

For example, it can happen to women during their menstrual period when bleeding occurs frequently. Or the situation may arise as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight, which leads to an overheating of the metabolism. In this sense, especially in the summer, the hottest hours should be avoided and it is necessary to choose to stay in cool and well-ventilated areas.

Another reason that can cause fainting is dehydration. Unfortunately, people of refined age tend to forget about drinking. Instead, we need to drink in the summer and its heat because we sweat and waste most of our fluids. When we feel the urge to drink, it means we are dehydrated.

If we forget to drink, we can adopt effective solutions such as installing an app on the phone that reminds us to drink by sending messages or audio alerts. This way we will have extra help to fight dehydration. Always remember to bring a tin bottle of fresh water to which we can add a drop of lemon and mineral salts such as Epsom salt.

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