Illinois Police Massacre: “An Attack Planned Weeks Ago Killer Attempted Suicide in 2019”. Fake posts and shadows on the young man’s father

Less than 24 hours after the Chicago Highland Park massacre, disturbing details are emerging. The first: the attack on the Fourth of July parade had been planned for weeks. And the local police supported him at a press conference. The second: Robert Cremo, the 21-year-old killer who carried out the attack, purchased a high-capacity rifle, similar to the Ar-15, the weapon most commonly used in mass killings. And he did so legally as Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rottering confirmed in an interview with CNN. However, it is not clear where the attacker obtained the weapon given that Illinois has one of the most restrictive laws in the United States on the matter. Robert Cremo had two rifles. The first citizen also mentioned that the killer fired about 30 bullets. Six people were killed and about thirty were wounded in the attack, which was launched yesterday morning by the young man who is officially accused today.

Now we know a lot more about him: “The Rapper Wake Up,” as he called himself, has long launched his violent campaign on social media, posting comments praising Donald Trump and videos of massacres. And where he made a lot of money through “extreme” rap. By analyzing his social profiles, it is clear that he exhibited violent behavior despite the fact that the family, as always in these cases, frivolously describe him as a “calm and lonely” boy. In one of the videos he posted, which has now been removed from Youtube along with everything he posted, we see a computer generated character in tactical gear with a gun in hand pointing to a kneeling person, hands raised begging for mercy. Elsewhere, Cremo himself in a helmet and flak jacket is in a classroom next to the American flag and a voiceover says, “I need to leave now. It’s my destiny. It all led to this; nothing can stop me, not even myself.” Another video, screaming the killer: “Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom? Freedom.” And again: “I hate that people get more attention on the Internet than me.” After shooting from a rooftop at party-goers, he mingled with the crowd dressed in women’s clothing. The police explained that the intention was to hide the tattoo in particular. Police explained that Ilgovanni attempted suicide in April 2019: the incident was then managed by mental health services.

US shootings in Chicago during the July 4 parade: 6 dead, 31 wounded. The killer is a 22-year-old Italian-American rapper

Alberto Simone

The details and today’s news refer not only to the killer, but also to the personality of the father of the young Bob Cremo. who in 2019 tried to run for mayor, calling himself a “person among the people”, but was defeated by the current mayor, Democrat Nancy Rottering. Looking at the social profile, in the Twitter account of the killer’s father, a “like” appears for a post published just three days after the Ovaldi, Texas, elementary school massacre, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed. Cremo has endorsed the message that says, “Protect the Second Amendment as if your life depended on it.” Among the accounts followed by the boy’s father is the “President Trump” account, which has been banned on Twitter for a year and a half.
In 2020, his son also participated in Trump rally. In another photo, the father is seen wearing a bandana praising the billionaire.

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