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From Andrea LaFranci

The concert at the Milan Hippodrome is associated with a charitable initiative with artworks linked to NFT

Achilles Lauro does not look for excuses. if it was Participation in Eurovision Many read it as a failure due to the semi-final elimination, he doesn’t load the barrel. A form that respects the artist’s will. I picked a punk rock piece with a devastating show and a mechanical bull on stage… It was nice to get to the final, but I’m used to hitting in the face We say let’s start over. A profession to me is like a book from which I write a new page every time, says the singer-songwriter on the occasion of the summer tour that took him to the Hippodrome in Milan.

suggest the new page, It could be a class without that intense research into style that has characterized it from the first San Remo onwards. I want to put songs in front of everything. I spent six months composing new music. I don’t care about aesthetics: there are songs that have the right/duty to be accompanied by a show and others that have enough soul for a T-shirt.

Frankly, Achilles. And so he also removed a pebble from his shoe: Blanco told him that he would never have chosen to take part in the Esc of San Marino in his place. Baby. So many messages have been sent to me To say that wasn’t true or maybe he thought the sentence wouldn’t be reported, but I’m making choices without asking permission from my peers. Lauro has linked a charitable initiative to the history of the Milan tour: during an AI music generator display of 5 songs of visual artwork that will be linked to the NFT that will be auctioned for the Maria Letizia Verga Committee for Child Leukemia Treatment. the future. My work isn’t just music, I’m also an entrepreneur, and as a kid, I feel like I surround myself with young people who face the present with the eyes of the future.

On tour, make dates with an orchestra and others with the band: I have the luxury of being able to choose the music I do. The Italian scene evaluates it this way: there are cycles that last about 5 years. We petrified for a while on rap and street issues: everyone followed them to be famous. Minskin and Mahmoud Blanco have pursued our identity, stronger than that fashion. Speaking of cycles, last summer with Fedez and Orita Berti re-release the ’60s, he didn’t reply: This fashion really broke the boxes. There are those who ride it well and those who make it sick.

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