“I’m terrified of this person…”, “We are no different.” A clash between Lucarelli and Videz

rags flying between Wild Lucarelli And the videos. For a couple of days, the journalist has been teasing the husband of Chiara Ferragni, who in Lucarelli’s endless provocation decided to respond with a series of stories on Instagram. It all stems from the Love-Mi party host’s video that went viral on social media. For several days, there was a real “hunt” to discover the identity of the man who, with his expressions, confirmed all his disappointment with the songs of the new rappers that Fedez brought to the podium of the Milan event. Days ago, Ivano Monzani’s face has been everywhere and in the past few hours the video has also arrived with the rapper. From here began the exhortation of Selvaggia Lucarelli.

I have now the horror For this person, everyone who spreads quickly must turn it into their contentBut this time her remark did not go to Fidez who, also thanks to Chiara Ferragni’s usually slow absence in his public statements, was not able to step back and share some stories in response to Selvaggia Lucarelli.”Very easy to play this game. You’ve finally got the attention you want. a poor response. Today you can celebrate the big day. You have at least a month of content to play now, enjoy’,” the rapper wrote before the video started.

Yesterday I saw someone I’ve known for years and it became a live meme. I made a 10 second video of it. so what? I’m a riding monster… but even if it was?‘, asks Fedez in his stories, before rushing at the journalist:You do the same, you do worse“It appears that the rapper decided to respond to Selvaggia Lucarelli after a series of attacks over the years to which the rapper never responded:”You’ve been bothering me and my family for years. Today you have to thank that my wife is not here to please me. I can go on forever, Wilde. Unfortunately, you and I are not as different as you think. Don’t think you are better than me“.

Considering this answer a waste of time, Fedez concluded: “I promised myself to make the most of the time life gave me. This is terrible waste of timeThere was no shortage of response from Selvaggia Lucarelli, who preferred not to enter the arena and limit herself to a stinging Instagram story:And nothing, if you argue with Salmo, he also wants to be Salmo. Management can not be news. So, let’s ignore“.

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