IMAT 2022 Medicine English Test: Decree of the Ministry of Education

IMAT 2022

IMAT 2022 Test: MUR Decree –
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The Ministry of University and Research recently announced the available places for medicine and the official decree for the admission test IMAT 2022The test to be taken to register for a one-cycle master’s course in medicine in English. The entrance exam will be held on September 13 and represents, for many students, a kind of plan B al medicine test In Italian.

IMAT 2022 Medicine English Test: DecREE MUR

The test is conducted both nationally and internationally (here you will find the locations abroad) and is mandated for it Cambridge Assessment, which prepares questions based on the structure and topics indicated in the MUR Decree. IMAT 2022 will be organized as follows:

  • ten (10) general knowledge questions;
  • ten (10) logical thinking questions and problems;
  • fifteen (15) questions in biology;
  • fifteen (15) questions in chemistry;
  • Ten (10) Physics and Mathematics questions.

IMAT 2022: How to Register

The test begins in Italian offices at 12.00. A time of 100 minutes is allotted to perform the test. To subscribe toIMAT 2022 Until July 22. Registration must first be done on the MUR . portal the Universityand completed later by paying the subscriptions to the reference university.

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