In Barry Park a month later. What is working and what to review in the new green zone of Cuneo

Since its opening, Cuneo’s Green Lung dedicated to Ferruccio Barry, which on paper aims to become a livable design district in an enjoyable way for all, has undergone a month-long sunflower test by those who tested it, the residents of Cuneo. themselves. Certainly, there was an improvement compared to the wasteland of Piazza Darmy.

Now many colorful circular kiosks illustrate landmarks with maps and QR codes. Arrivals from the center will immediately find an evocative pool, surrounded by benches, openings in the art area and green tubing that may look like children’s games, but it isn’t. In June, the little ones try their hand at playfully in each area, which can pose obstacles that can be avoided through parental control. Even the artworks of Doria, Garbolino Roo and Garis, scattered in different areas near the lake, were tested (in all respects): a child was injured during the trials, and now a bar with very little artistic cues protects them.

Only a few works in corrugated concrete remain “free”: they are in fact benches, where the people of Cuneo can lie down, perhaps find – perhaps – a comfortable position and contemplate the changing shapes of the clouds.

In addition to the play area, the water basin is one of the children’s favorite places: where water, when recycled with a purifier, can be poured directly by visitors who control a series of liftable barriers. Someone called it a guillotine: there is actually a protective rubber, but it’s not a good idea to have one on your finger. Outside the water, before the sink, a wide expanse of concrete parallels some Berlin and the Jewish memorial, while anxious parents contemplate revenge on the rubber play mat for children’s games.

In fact, the intention is neither historical nor child fatal, but rather to create a garden with contemporary design in the service of the citizen, not too happy that the aquarium has become a pool with floating molds. Cuneo Municipality intends to conduct a full turnover, although the intervention is scheduled every six months. Although bathing is not prohibited, the area is not even intended to be a children’s pool in the garden: the water is in fact purified periodically but not treated with chlorine.

Currently, in a designated area, the green area is dotted with plants of berries, cherries, apples, pears, shrubs and gems, available to the citizen who can enjoy the fruits of his land. There is also interest for those who walk the dogs, with a designated area for them, and for those looking to relax. Unfortunately, the trees haven’t grown yet: for now you can freshen yourself up in the shadow of the wall and in the bar, which has its own rooftop terrace, once you use the table you can walk independently down a corridor that takes you to a fairly large trek to be able to sit on the tables.

The schedule, recently extended to 10:30 p.m., coincides with free lighting for the two basketball courts and adjacent games for the kids. Then the park plunges into complete darkness. There wasn’t even the consoling row of spotlights that lit up the words I LOVE CUNEO: some of Kitsch’s critics broke it and were later decimated.

Perhaps in summer one might consider opening the bar until at least midnight, although it may be that closing at Gallinese times aims to reduce the use of only three chemical toilets in the entire park, including the bar.

Those who want to play sports can take advantage of the concrete ping pong tables, the skating pool and the areas used for gymnastics exercises: if using all the tools is not self-evident, there are QR codes that allow you to quickly understand how to use them.

In short, now that Borgna has handed the baton to Manassero, her council is at a crossroads: to make Parri park the pride of the city, or let it deteriorate, and not care about the areas of improvement, which is the land- Cuneo’s floor area would fix the flaws.

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