In the chaos of flights, British Airways will cancel 10,300 flights this summer. Hello long distance routes

British Airways announced the additional cut 10,300 flights from here until the end of October, In what is now a cross in the Strip. And the British company had not said three days earlier that in the summer months the number of cancellations could have been 1,500. As with many other carriers, the decision was necessary due to a shortage of staff. Ten thousand In fact, workers laid off during the epidemic have only been partially replaced Question gone faster than expected. The cut should affect the short and medium term links, while preserving the links on the Long Distances. The company’s senior management confirmed that the additional aid promised by the London government would limit these cuts during the summer and peak tourist season; But what is certain? Flexibility in the medium term Still necessary, despite the stated intent not to penalize passengers. Passengers to whom the carrier “apologizes”, undertaking to provide an alternative to all victims of cancellations between “rebooking” the flight with other carriers, where possible, and a “full refund” of tickets.

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