Increasing phone prices, there is a risk of a frightening “blow” on Internet and mobile costs. What is happening

Disturbing rumors about an increase in phone tariffs. WindTre thinks “good” to increase everything. But for consumers it will be the “default”.

From the “complaint” appeared on Republic Even the various communication bodies that publish newsletterhe is Price increase alert. This time, in the front telephony. Consumer associations are created.

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The Rising prices They score Italians’ lives are getting tougher. We go to the supermarket and Go shopping We should we should waiver for many things. We’re refueling and it’s ‘sad’ to see Independence’s hand barely moving. Transportation and flights, i Holiday stays They have become “blockers”. Highway tolls mashed potatoes; Where do we want to go? Certainly, with such a cost of living, it is not far off.

the last one Warningas if there weren’t enough of them already, coming from WindTre “scandal” proposal. here you are What is happening And how dangerous this “precedent” can become.

Increasing phone prices, you risk a frightening “blow”

there newsletter Likely to cause a lot Mess. especially Panic among ItaliansMe, already suffering from a cost of living that has become almost sustainable. near the end of JuneAnd the WindTre send express request Communications Guarantee Authority (AGCOM).

WindTre is one of the The main telephone operators in ItalyIt offers Internet subscriptions and various types of services for mobile devices. We know that very well Today, having a connection and a mobile phone is practically an “obligation.”. And between one package and another, SIM and various options, It costs us an average of 50-80 euros per month.

there Request Developed by a operator somewhat “dangerous”not only for instant effectsbut also for The “precedent” you can create If it is accepted. In fact, WindTre sent Agcom a question to be able to “Automatic fee reshaping based on current inflation rate”. Which, as we know, has gone up quite a bit, and adjusting rates will practically become a “drain”.

according to FederConsumatoryWindTre has taken advantage ofThe logic on which TIM associates tariffs on offshore companies that rent out its wholesale network with inflation. It is precisely this that should allow operators to include the same inflation in the calculation of the rates applied to the end customer“. An “impulse” that appears “morally unworkable” to the end consumerpractically.

The current actions And the consumer protectionMoreover, it would make it very difficult to implement what could be real Unilateral contract modification. There are communications from the company to customers, a period of time to be able to Withdraws And of course the ability to do so Free.

But If your WindTre request is approvedThey can practically do that All. So what’s the point of switching to another operator? So, bypassing the technical aspects, It’s really confusing Understand that there is no customer focus, and that Many companies are only looking for profit.

also FederConsumatorywith him formulations Issued to various press organs, this raises questions. And the Strongly hope that the application from WindTre will not be accepted.

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