Increasing vaccination by 4 / dose The Ministry launches a campaign – Health

Increase the number of vaccinations with the fourth dose, to protect the most vulnerable population from Covid-19 and reduce the number of hospitalizations. This is the objective of the communication campaign launched by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health, which will be broadcast on Al-Rai networks, the Internet, and social media.

Covid: Increasing the number of vaccinated people with the fourth dose, the campaign of the Ministry of Health

Based on the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as of last April 14, the Ministry has recommended a second booster dose, called the ‘fourth dose’, to the elderly and frail groups, given the fact that after 4 since the first booster dose, there is a clear decrease In coverage against Sars-Cov-2. Giving a second booster dose restores vaccination coverage and is essential to protect the most vulnerable people, who are at greater risk of contracting serious illness from Covid-19. Currently, the recipient groups for the second booster dose are the elderly over 80 years of age, the elderly residing in nursing homes, those over 60 years of age with very fragile conditions, and family members and caregivers of people in the recipient groups. But it is not likely that the audience will be expanded to other segments of the population.

The protagonist in the video, already visible online and on social media, is a grandson who accompanies his 80-year-old grandmother to be given the fourth dose of the vaccine by the attending physician. The claim and hashtag, in line with the entire Covid vaccination campaign, is “Facciamolopernoi”.

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