independent. Finally a new bill for non-medical health professionals

by calogero spada

July 04

Dear Director,
On the initiative of 23 M5S parliamentarians headed by Senator and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, Bill No. 1284 on collective independent activity of health professions in accordance with the law of February 1, 2006, n. 43.
The text states that the operators of the health professions referred to in the above-mentioned law, who work full-time or part-time in public health facilities, may carry out independent activities, including group activities, individually or in association, in order to complete the process of strengthening nurses And other health professionals who must become representatives of the intramoenia service in the care team in order to enjoy complete privacy, their own definitions and to build a trusting relationship with the patient.

All this to facilitate the modernization that provides for the return of the hospital environment to its function to respond to the specific and specialized needs of the citizens and to achieve the broad and wide-ranging regional assistance now necessary with the health, social and health facilities close to the citizens. Possible, also consistent with the indications emanating from the recent Ministerial Decree 71.

From the text of the report to the bill, it is worth noting some key passages:

– that it is incomprehensible as in our legal system only certain employees of the health services, belonging to the sanitary, medical and veterinary department, are allowed to exercise the option of free professional intramoenia governed by the contract;

The practice of self-employment must emanate as a “natural outcome” from the status of an independent and free profession in the appropriate sense of other professions that have been awarded a master’s degree;

– that the creation of a liberal profession in the professions of nursing, midwifery, rehabilitation, technical and preventive health would allow, especially in the region, to strengthen primary care, abolish waiting lists and control a very widespread phenomenon: the abusive practice of the profession, especially nursing;

– That the current regulatory vacuum has given rise to a largely engulfed healthcare market that is set to grow more and more due to the ever-increasing chronic conditions and the demand that comes from families, a market that has also favored the abusive practice of non-medical professions.

The mistake made in the sentence no. 54 of March 31, 2015.

Much thanks and more encouragement must be given to all the parliamentarians concerned and to all the institutional actors that wish to advocate for this law, which once again highlights, after some enlightened attempts in the past, that it goes well beyond initiatives that want to take different paths, if There is something that can really promote health professionals as one of the distinguishing and essential elements in order to ensure that citizens have the right to adequate health services and that they enjoy a fairer and more tangible reward for their self-denial and commitment, whether it is a grassroots initiative or a parliament.. This is something that is law.

Dr. Calogero Spada
TSRM – MSc Doctor

July 04, 2022
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