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We said over a month ago that transfer time should also come for Inter. And the day before the competitive season began, Simone Inzaghi did nothing to hide his concerns. The memory of what happened a year ago is very strong, as Lukaku left at the beginning of August, when no one told the coach it could happen (for Conte yes, and in fact he left shutting the door and disavowing the project).

Marotta, with kind regards to his collaborators Ausilio and Baccin, He’s been courting Dybala for months because he had a brilliant idea, to quote an old claim: sell Martinez and take Dybala and Lukaku. Much less than the classic number 2 for the price of 1, because for the second the goal was to get it for free (then actually for Lukaku he had to pay something, because not all buns work with the hole) and 1 was overpaid by some elders or chests International.

The result was to be a stronger team – or at least always very competitive – and counted in order, because selling Lautaro to 80/90m would have secured Inter the 60m assets they needed which Zhang expects, Whether it is on August 31 or June 30, 2023 as it spreads in these hours.

A beautiful project that does not say. In fact, Inzaghi did not say anything. Except that no one has yet come forward with a bag full of money to snatch Martinez from Inter and so, on the eve of the first day of school, Marotta is moving away from Dybala like never before, a chance in a department where Inter has an abundance. And it certainly wouldn’t be Dzeko or Sanchez who would make way for Goya, as they would only be salary savings, not actual combos. This day can only come from Skriniar, after Bastoni, Dumfries and Calhanoglu are already in the window. Now Inzaghi is planning to team up with Lukaku and Martinez, a couple who will have to change their approach at Inter. But what if someone really knocked and took the bull away?

In the second year, Inzaghi realized that no one would forgive him for second place again Indeed, it is not for nothing that even before he begins – and although the market today is the richest among the big names in the league – he is putting himself in the shadow of the Milan champion, hoping to travel behind him unnoticed in the summer forecast. The Inter boss has set a date for August 13, convinced that he will present a competitive team, and even more so on September 1, when the transfer market closes: every passing day is less dangerous.
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