“iPhone 14 will have no competitors!”: This is the opinion of the Asian analyst

When July starts… September is around the corner. Not only for the historical closure of summer holiday activities that characterizes the Italian people, but also for the fact that September is often packed with events and presentations, which requires a lot of work behind the scenes.

When a product is introduced and available in stores, At the top of the cliff we find dozens of lanesAnd some even months before the product reaches the store.

In early July, there’s a lot of talk about the iPhone 14, given that many of the processes to bring Melafonino into consumers’ hands after the usual September presentation are already in the hottest stages.

Some of these financial moves, including the deposit of advances by distributors and dealers to obtain the number of pieces needed to support sales in stock.

iPhone 14 is unparalleled in the global market

An analyst at KB Securities, one of the largest investment banks in South Korea, focuses on this particular issue. Some major Apple suppliers are Korean Thus, all financial moves related to the US giant are being watched by Asian investors.

From the analyzes it appears that For the iPhone 14, the advances were 40-50% higher than those for the iPhone 13, a sign that sellers are expecting great success from the new smartphone from the house of Cupertino. The race to grab iPhone 14 for sale could lead to actual sales growth, estimated at +10% over the previous model, which has already set record sizes. A sign unlike other brands (including Samsung, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi) that have seen lower orders. According to the Korean analyst, there is no doubt: ‘iPhone 14 will be unrivaled in the global smartphone market“.

The Korean Bank’s interest in increasing iPhone sales is supported by the fact that suppliers, including LG Inotic which won the supply Pro and Max . camera modules.

The latter will be the sales champions, In large quantities in the Chinese marketWhich is expected to grow in this price range and not be negatively affected by the country’s economic problems and global inflation.

Estimated stability of iPhone 14 in the second half of 2022 on sales volumes 110-120 million pieces.

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