Italy Best Selling Motorcycles Made In China – News

Benelli celebrates a new achievement on the Italian market: in the first six months of the year it took first place in the rating of motorcycle brands. One of the reasons for the success is competitive prices thanks to production in China

5 July 2022

s.ede a Bizarrowhere in addition to Research and development design department has been reinforced, and heart made in china.
This was immediately the strategy of parent company Qianjiang Group, an approach that in the past five years has seen an increase in the number and quantity of Benelli brand products sold worldwide.

Dr..and sales success TRK502 Much has been said, and the numbers are telling More than 20,000 samples Registered in Italy from 2017 to today.
The Adventure 500 has topped sales since 2020 and already passed 4,400 units at the end of June, but the new figure – which Benelli proudly confirms – is that it In the first six months From this year his motorcycles were registered in Italy 8552: In all of 2021 there were 12,707.

s.I’m about to 6% growth Compared with twelve months before, in line with the increase in motorcycle part From January to June (+6.1%) and above all the result Places and Benelli in first place In the classification of brands by number of registered motorcycles. for him market share 10.8%Considering 79,162 motorcycles have been sold so far.

TRK502 is correct alone 50% From Benelli records in Italy, but in the top 30 there are other Pesaro-designed models: Lioncino 500 Ranked 21st with 828 sales, and Leoncino 800 Ranked 22nd with 802 and BN 125 Ranked 30th with 622 pieces.

And the It should be noted that the 125 bestsellers are Kiwi RKF 125which is another brand controlled by Qianjiang, and ranks eighth with 1,514 units.

Always among the models built in China, this time for the brand Moto Morenithen there is the performance X Cape 650 In its first appearance on the market: at the end of June, it took 10th place in the rating of best-selling motorcycles with 1,357 models.

c.Then there are the 650 MT and Valico 500DS, respectively from Chinese brands CFMoto and Vogewhich ranked 23rd and 27th with 759 and 648 units sold in the first six months.

Not just to move many European and Japanese brands In Asia, in short, let’s expect to see more and more motorcycles and scooters in the future made in China in our streets.

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