“It’s not easy, they are heavy and they hurt”

The winner of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip, Jessica Selassié, talks about the harsh criticism she received after the reality show.

Preparations are underway for the seventh edition of Big Brother VIPwhich – which Starts in September 2022 on Canale 5. In the meantime, the former jivina Jessica Selassie has allowed herself to go on social media He reveals to his fans how to deal with him Critics and haters after participating in the reality show.

Jessica Selassie appeared on social media, here’s what happened

Jessica Selassie won the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. While the young princess received a lot of affection after win overOn the other hand Facing many criticisms of the famous Black Keyboard.. in the context of Live on InstagramIn fact, the girl admitted:

Unfortunately, this happens almost every day, and it’s a bit on the agenda. I deal with quite a few haters on Instagram and Twitter. It is not easy, sometimes they get personal, they are heavy and therefore hurt you. Now I have a lot of laughs compared to when I left the house. I was without social media for six months. I enter anonymously, I go out, I win, I was loved by a large segment of the audience, but you obviously can’t please everyone. There are also those who do not like you, and you had to get used to many things.

I had to take back some comments and let’s say I read some things where they were really bad – Jessica explained – they went to touch personal things, like family etc. I was very disappointed. I don’t read Instagram messages. There are more comments where they tag you and where the notification arrives and you go to read. Fortunately there are people who love me more than those who hate me. The haters are Twitter and Instagram. Then I say that those who hate me are my biggest fans, because they see everything and they have to follow me.

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Speaking about the criticism and serious crimes he received on social media, he said Selassie Expose these are fake profiles and adults:

They are basically fake. I was amazed that there are some ladies who are strengthening their lives at the age of 40 to 60. I could be their daughter and they write me some silly ugliness. I say but you don’t have daughters, but neither were you among the 27 of the 25 year olds that you should let go of your pent-up anger towards a girl who may or may not be nice to you but I mean damn get on with life.

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