Kaiser’s former collaborator and hockey star Corriere.it in prison

From Marco Amarisio

Those who remain silent and have ties to the West are on the horizon: there is no longer room for a gray area. Many go on vacation to escape the purges

I am currently on vacation abroad. That was two weeks ago, and so he was talking on the phone Vladimir Ryzhkov, deputy of the Moscow Duma, advocate of the liberal opposition To Vladimir Putin. Recently, many have gone on vacation, let’s call it that. Also because the alternative is to stay in the country’s prisons. With the rhythm of daily dripping, The Kremlin’s excellent arrests have suddenly resumed. Perhaps it is inappropriate to call it a wave, as it was at the beginning of the so-called special military operation, when thousands of activists, students and historical leaders were denied a protest. This was the first and most important process to get rid of any dissenting voice.

Now the others remain, the moderate opponentsthose who somehow remained silent and within the system. Vladimir Mao, Dean of the Moscow University of Economics, certainly not a barrier. Until a few days ago, he was also a member of the board of directors of Gazprom. A very active scientist in the time of Boris Yeltsin, adviser to Igor Gagdar, author of the liberal economic reform that authorized the transition of the Soviet model to capitalism. In Putin’s early years, he was also director of the government’s Center for Economic Reform. Last March, he signed and promoted the appeal of 300 Russian academics which identified the attack on Kyiv as a necessary and timely decision.

But this is in addition to good relations with the Kremlin, It wasn’t enough to avoid a confrontation Which always happens between different parts of the country in times of war. Attacks on liberal economists by nation-states, who in the name of widespread intolerance now refer to the general ridicule of people like him and how Alexei Kudrin, now head of the Court of Audit, but it is not yet known for how long, became more frequent. Mao was arrested on the now-acceptable accusation of corruption, which is now the official draft justifying people falling at the sight of a certain thickness.

In quick succession, the same fate happened to Physicist Dimitri Kolkerthe reformist pride of Russia, who in 2012 received this special honor from Putin himself. He was suffering from cancer, and was hospitalized in intensive care. They got it anyway. He died a few days ago in custody.

They’re done In prison the Siberian lawyers who signed a plea not to condemn the warBut to demand a temporary truce. He ended up in prison Ivan Fedotov, a 25-year-old hockey star. In early February, he was hailed as a hero, along with his teammates in the Russian national team who won the silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Beijing. He was declared a refugee from military servicebut his real mistake in choosing to pursue his profession in the hated United States, signing a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.

The common denominator that binds these people together is completely different from each other They are associated with the West, each in his own way. With the choice of life, with their own cultural history and beliefs. Now there is no room for what Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the gray area. Those who can eclipse themselvesRealizing that his vacations will last for a long time. Those who remained, such as 71-year-old Dimitri Guzman, one of the few commentators still in a mysterious aberration, He lives as if every day could be his last. Because he knows that it represents something that today does not have the right to citizenship in today’s Russia.

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