Kalibr missiles on the Black Sea: how they work

If the Russians definitively occupy Lysichansk by land and do not intend to stop before taking all the Donbass, then Putin’s fleet is also organized into the Black Sea, ready to fire. According to the newspaper UkrinformThe Russian fleet will be ready for this release of Kalibr missiles. “In the northwestern part of the Black Sea“Writes the newspaper,”There will be three warships and two submarines ready to launch more than 30 missiles“.

What are Kalibrs

As seen above from the insideAnd Russia is not new to the launch of these missiles, which occurred at the end of last May. Kalibrs are cruise missiles and are used to judgments. The same type of missile was launched from submarines during the conflict in Syria against the Islamic State. The distance they can travel is up to 2,500 kilometers and they have a warhead capable of carrying 450 kilograms of explosives as well as a nuclear warhead. According to some sources, the cost of one missile is about 6.5 million dollars.

Kalibr is very similar to Tomahawk US long-range missiles used by the US Navy and Royal Navy for land and sea operations. In addition, Russian missiles can be “steered” thanks to the engine that remains running for the duration of the flight and the wings that allow them to turn and possibly change course. This gives the Kalibr a significant advantage over the classic ballistic missiles that have a specific trajectory.

What is happening in Ukraine

The sea front could be another weapon for the Russians to surprise and strike the Ukrainians at heart. As we see in our lives about war, Russian soldiers launched a missile attack on a school last night Kharkiv, Oleg Senegubov, head of the city’s regional military administration, gave a report on his own channel on Telegram. “At two o’clock in the morning the enemy launched a missile attack on an educational institution in the Saltiv district of Kharkiv. The building was partially damaged. Fortunately, there were no injuriesIn short, the Russians are advancing, the Ukrainians are struggling despite Western aid already arriving and with others expected in the coming weeks. The conflict is certainly not over, on the contrary: there is a fear of involvement of other countries like Belarus that could go to war to support Putin’s army.

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