Leclerc and Binotto, Dinner Together After the Storm: Pictures

Ferrari driver and Cavallino’s team principal together in Monte Carlo after important meeting: the relaxed faces of the two indicate that the expected clarification of the two after the stormy events at Silverstone has occurred

Massimo Brezzi

– Milan

Dinner to cool off the water. After the “calm down” call issued at the end of the Formula 1 Silverstone GP race, from Mattia Binotto to Charles Leclerc, disappointed with the racing strategy that prevented him from achieving reasonable success in the English race, here is the clarification of the hoped-for meeting. In fact, the two, in fact, Ferrari team principal and driver Cavallino, third in the 2022 World Cup, met last night for dinner in Monte Carlo, as seen in the photos below.

Faces and data

The two’s friendly salutations upon exiting the Hotel de Paris, just before 11pm, relaxed faces suggest clarification, made necessary by the angular post-race ad, won by Leclerc’s companion, Carlos Sainz, but cloudy. Through a questionable strategy, both happened. “I was in the lead, but it was decided that the car that went in for a tire change was Carlos – Leclerc’s words after the British Grand Prix – that was clearly not the right decision: I’m not asking for clarification. For the team, it’s definitely frustrating, they lost An opportunity to improve the standings, but I don’t want my disappointment to overshadow the happiness of Carlos Sainz’s first victory.” The sharp words, which make for a broom with those after the Monte Carlo GP (“I love the team, but we can’t make mistakes like this: we had to win and instead we made two wrong decisions,” said Leclerc even afterwards with the wall and denied him success) which is what He prompted Binotto to warn the audience, pointing his finger in front of Monaco’s face, inviting him to “keep calm” because he was the author of “Garonne, deserved fourth place, but rather the result of external circumstances…”.

Contested movement and harmony

The clutches must be made clear because the World Championship has not been compromised and with a fast Ferrari on every track, it is necessary to compress the environment without internal disagreements or misunderstandings that could affect the team’s cohesion, present and future. Specifically at Silverstone, the contested move relates to the decision, under the Safety Car system, 10 laps from the finish, to stop Sainz alone to install the soft tyres, leaving Leclerc on the right track. At that moment, Leclerc was leading the race, with Sainz behind him, and then could not defend his lead with used solid tires against opponents with new ones. A decision heavily criticized, by the driver as well as by the experts, with clear implications in the standings: Leclerc, who finished fourth, climbed to 43 points behind leader Max Verstappen, when it could have been at -30. A decision, however, is now in the past: it is a duty and right, for Binotto and Leclerc, to look forward and clarify. In order not to repeat some of the mistakes that can create tension in the pits and to regain momentum in the World Championship that is still close at hand.

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