Many people make the mistake of knowing when to tan and fill up on Vitamin D for healthy, long-term tanning

With summer coming, and after a year of work and stress, the long-awaited vacations finally arrive. Once you have decided on the destination and reached the destination, the primary goal for many is to enjoy the much-deserved relaxation, have fun and above all get a tan. In fact, coming home with a nice tan makes us feel more beautiful and satisfied. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, sunbathing is also beneficial for our body. Indeed, in this way, it will be possible to precisely fill in the vitamin D that the body makes through exposure to sunlight.

It is an essential element for regulating calcium and phosphorous metabolism. In particular, it enhances its absorption in the intestine and reduces its excretion in the urine. It also contributes to the good health of the skeletal system, promoting physiological growth by ensuring skeletal properties, flexibility and bone strength. Its deficiency can negatively affect bone calcification, leading to rickets in children, bone deformities of various kinds, and osteomalacia. Thus, it can cause joint pain, as well as brittle teeth and bones with subsequent fractures.

Many people make the mistake of knowing when to tan and fill up on Vitamin D for healthy, long-term tanning

But as in all things, in the media it is virtue, and it is better not to overdo it with taking the right precautions so as not to spoil the holidays. Spending a lot of time in the sun, especially if you are not using the correct means of protection, can seriously damage the dermis. When you’re young, you tend to underestimate sunburns and rashes and can spend whole days at the beach in the sun without thinking about the consequences. However, radial burns, which recur over time, especially if they occurred in childhood and youth, according to experts, increase the risk of developing skin cancer. However, even in adulthood, many miss the time of tanning.

Often taken with the desire to get a tan, in order to go home very tanned, one ends up exposing oneself to the sun at the most dangerous and dangerous time to health. So what are the good times to sunbathe without the risks and tan anyway? According to experts, the hours to avoid are from 12 to 16, when the sun’s rays are most intense. So it will be possible to show from the morning until about 11 and in the afternoon from 16 onwards. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is protecting yourself with sun creams with a high protection factor, 30+ or ​​50+. In this way, the tan will be healthy and above all last longer.


We often take it for granted, but these are the five foods that have the most vitamin D for a lively, pain-free summer.

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