Medicine exam 2022: calls from universities

Medicine Exam 2022

Medicine Exam 2022: University calls –
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From July 4 to 22, ambitious new students were in Medicine Exam 2022 They can register for the entrance test which will be held on September 6. Registration for the medical exam is divided into two stages, the first is registration and registration for the exam the Universitythe second is to pay the contribution to the university in which the examination will take place which, again this year, is not equal to the first preference entered in the University But at the office closest to your place of residence/home.

Registration for medical exam 2022

All steps required for Complete the registration To Medicine Exam 2022 referred to in Decree of the Ministry of the Interior. Once the first step in the university is completed, students must finish their registration by following all the information provided by Calls for medicine exam for individual universitieswhere the deadlines, contribution amount to be paid and test registration instructions will be written (Attention: Enrollment in the admission test does not equate to university admission.

Medicine Exam 2022: All calls

Below you will find a list calls from universitiesto be consulted to complete the registration in Medicine Exam 2022 (some not yet published):

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