“Men and Women,” a couple born on the TV show broke up

As for Camila and Ricardo, it was the young influencer who informed the fans of her new emotional situation. “I am writing these words to clarify, once and for all and for the respect I have for those who follow me – read a story on Instagram -.

Unfortunately, not all good things have a happy ending

. For a few days now, Ricardo and I have decided to go down different paths. You will no longer see us in the same home, work, and personal goals that lead us to break up. I don’t regret anything from these six years. Unfortunately, people change and the stories end.

The reasons for the separation remain personal

However, no comment was received from Ricardo, but it is also true that the couple were always very conservative, despite participating in ‘Men and Women’ and then in.

temptation island


About Matteo Ranieri and Valeria Cardone, who together went out of the dispatch of Maria de Filippi only a few months ago, suspicions immediately arose. On social media, many have often pointed out that the couple spent little time together mainly for business reasons. The final episode that raised fans’ suspicions was the decision of Sophie Kodjoni’s ex-boyfriend to embark on a long journey with family, staying away from her partner. Now the news of the breakup.

Mateo and I are no longer together – Valeria wrote on Instagram -,

Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we hoped

. I’m just asking you for a little understanding because I’m not having a good time. The suitor’s words were followed by Matteo’s: ‘Forgive me for not being on social media lately. I needed to completely disconnect a bit and took advantage of my journey to do so. I write these lines because I think it is right to do so in relation to those who have followed my path. Valeria and I are no longer together. It’s a decision we made definitively only after my return.

Nobody’s wrong

There is no malice or malice on the part of either of them. Things don’t always go our way, they do. this is life. I had the opportunity to meet a beautiful person in a wonderful context and my memory will remain so.”

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