Men and women, beloved former knight dissa Armando Incarnato

They discussed some statements recently Armando Encarnato About changes in their appearance. Above the knight of the throne men and women She admitted to changing her hair color and cutting it often to avoid being recognized:

I have the answer of course because I know but what about you? It is simple, when one wants to survive for his body and does not want to be recognized, he changes his hair color as did those who once went to surgeons to avoid being recognized. I change my hair color.

To one of the heroes of the dating show, one of the former knights, who remained in the hearts of many viewers, answered, ironically, through a series of Instagram stories, Marcelo Messina:

It is really true that sometimes I feel as though I live in another world, one that is clearly my own. I was wondering why anyone should cut or color their hair, man or woman. For example, let’s take my case, I cut it because it was too hot and I wanted to be more comfortable and cooler in training and everything. Instead, I found out that one might cut their hair or maybe dye it for other reasons! Mom, my children! Good day!

former face words men and women It has raised many criticisms. Messina Then he replied with another video message:

In view of the many controversies made by a simple joke, I was only referring to the fact that one usually has to cut or dye it for a personal change, for a clean break with the past, to remain so fresh and airy that one does not hear to cut one’s hair or go to dye it so that no one knows it . Then it depends on who says it. If Pope Francis says it I can understand it, if he says it mmm eh I can’t understand it. Farewell!

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