MI BAND7 Xiaomi Smart band Review – Andrea Galeazzi

It is no longer called the Mi Band but yes, it is still one of the most successful smart bands ever. What is the news from 6? A bigger screen and a more in-depth management of sports monitoring.. with a few things that still aren’t quite convincing.

Smart Band 7 supplied with Show High accuracy AMOLED From 1.62 inch Which means, when compared to 1.56 in Mi Band 6 bigger vision subordinate 25% Compared to the previous generation thanks to the reduced bezels. However, it is too bad that the brightness sensor is still missing.

Here’s some good news: Yes, Mi Band 6 bands are compatible. The differences instead, as well as in the presentation, lie in the number of sports, and now they are exceeded in reality 110 species From trackable sports, Users will be able to set personal fitness goals We find an extensive personal program dedicated to health and well-being with the addition of three functions – Training Load, Recovery Duration and Training Intensity – Now you can also evaluate and modify the training program and intensity to maximize performance. Smart Band7 also comes with a new professional training analysis VO₂ Max, which measures the maximum amount of oxygen that must be reached during physical activity.

In short, you may have noticed the side dedicated to it sports It has definitely evolved, smart, on the other hand, I can tell you that it has practically not changed. The only thing I don’t understand is why they didn’t add GPS, which would have made more sense at this point.

I really liked that Do Not Disturb would start automatically when the band detected we were asleep, minus the fact that it couldn’t respond to notifications.

Around sensors I found that the monitoring of sleep, oxygen saturation and heart rate were improved and timely. L ‘impermeability Based on 5 ATMs And the battery allowed me to do 4 days with constant activity and about 7 without but with the different active screens (and the little sports).

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 It is already Available to me price From €59.99 Like I said it improves the athletic part so pass 6 to this I would recommend but only if you do a lot of exercise or if you don’t even have a 6 I would still recommend this one. Hopefully 8 will also improve the smart part, or at least the GPS!

Xiaomi Smart Band 7, 1.62 inch AMOLED display, sleep monitoring, SpO2, heart rate …

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57.19 euros

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