Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, acquisition under investigation in the UK –

L ‘Obsession From Activision Blizzard From Microsoft It ended up at the bottom Investigation In the UK, where the main body dealing with competition has deemed it appropriate to initiate checks on the implications of the deal.

In May, news reported that the acquisition of Activision Blizzard was going so fast, that some insiders imagined it could all be finished. ahead of timemaybe until the end of this year.

investigating inAntitrust So the English come as a real cold shower, also because it is one of the first initiatives of this kind since the acquisition was announced, which took place last January.

We are talking about the rest of the process that could have a significant impact on the video game market, given the size of the two companies, and the English body will verify that all this does not affect the competition at the expense of users.

From now until July 20, the committee will hear from interested third parties, while the first decision on eligibility or otherwise for the acquisition is scheduled for September 1.

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