Milan, full speed ahead of de Kitellari: Roebuck and Jongdal in the process, details | first page

De Ketelaere and Milan, a marriage to be made. The Belgian jewel born in 2001 makes everyone agree: Royal Maldini and Massara and exploration area. Because he is a young man with clear qualities, good international experience and huge growth margins. After the first contacts with their agents, Milan worked with Bruges for several days to try and reach an agreement quickly.

Situation – De Kitleary also has several requests from the Premier League, with Leeds in the front row, but he has expressed his absolute preference for Milan. Who has the right cards to lower the economic counterpart: In recent talks between the two parties, the powerful Brugge approves two Rossoneri talents in the spring, Gangdal and Roebuck. Both can enter into negotiations. Forward with confidence, Satan is convinced he can shut down Operation De Ketelaere.

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