“My strength was Alessandro, that’s what disappointed me”

Carmen de Pietro talks about her amazing experience at L’Isola dei Famosi.

Carmen de Petro He was among the most famous and appreciated characters in the 16th edition of Celebrity Island. With her spontaneity and sarcasm, she overcame all the viewers who rewarded her by sending it to her In the final with his friend Nicholas Vaporidis.

Carmen Di Pietro talks about her famous island

Few days before the final Celebrity Islandwho witnessed the victory of Nicholas, Carmen de Petro He gave an interview to Superguidatv. The showgirl evaluated her course and revealed it The reasons that prompted her to participate in the program led by Elari Blasey:

I went because they offered me to do it with my son Alessandro, who wanted to do it at any cost. I also told him it was hard as a reality show, but he wanted to get involved at all costs. Not only did I think I could resist all this time, a bit hungry, but also because I thought they would call me and take me home. The first time I went to the island I cried by myself, I had no one to console me, while this time my strength was with Alessandro with me. Even after he left it gave me a lot of strength to keep going.

A path embellished with the presence of the Son Alessandro Iannonewhich he chose Refusing to extend the reality show for academic reasons:

The choice of Alessandro was for a good reason, I completely supported his choice. We talked at night, and I said, Are you sure you want to leave? He was and still is convinced of his choice. For him, studying is an important thing and I am proud of him and his choices. Of course I was a bit sorry, but I respect and support my son’s choice. It makes me very proud if he had chosen the world of entertainment, he would not have given up reality TV. He wants to do something else in life, and I find it right that he makes his decisions.

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Carmen Then he talked about his travel companions who confessed that they founded Jamila Friendship with Nicholas Vaporidis and Eduardo Tavasi and I stayed Disappointed by Laura and Clemente Russo:

A positive discovery was Nicholas and Eduardo, and today we are very friends. The people who disappointed me were Clemente and Laura. In the first few weeks, I was always nominated, and I didn’t understand why, they said we were the weakest. We passed the TV broadcast and I was happy. On the one hand I wanted to go out, I told my son we would at least go eat. We saved the TV broadcast and then did everything we could to not disappoint the audience from home. I love Luca so much, he won the test, and unfortunately it’s not my fault that I didn’t go to the final. When I went on TV with Nicholas I knew I was talking on TV with the winner, I love Luca but Nicholas had a nice ride from the start. With Edoardo, Guendalina and Nicolas we are now great friends. I wish the others would do better than they did on the island. Maria Laura is one I will definitely hear about. Maria Laura is a good friend of mine, and she is one of those I love to hang out with.

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