No carriers, the government approves a “C license bonus” of up to 2,500 euros, here’s how to order it

Among the many incentives the government is promoting, check out the driver’s license bonus c. Let’s see how it works, and who can order it.

GovernmentPrivacy Guarantee and Sogei have reached an agreement to enable a specific reward payment platform. a concrete signal which gives more An opportunity for young people to enter the world of work.

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There is no shortage of Contradictionsat this historical moment, about job application / job application. Many companies complain of understaffing, and many aspiring workers complain of a lack of supply in every sector. Where will the truth be? naturally The question is much broader than it might seem at first glance.

In recent years I the changes that they should have allowed Flexibility In their world of work instead “Injured” Securities and Collateral For all participating actors. Citizens and companies. The payrollin every sector It is no longer suitable for the cost of living. Young people feel “abandoned” and struggle to integrate into society. It takes years to make structural – and even cultural – changes.

while in, The economy suffers. Some sectors such asroad transporthas long been denounced Difficulty finding professional characters. Here the government decided to intervene in this sense as well. upgraded Economic incentive for those who want to obtain a driving license c, as well as the professional qualifications required to “carry out cargo transportation activities on behalf of third parties”. Let’s see all the details.

The government agrees to the “Bonus C License”, who is entitled to and how to apply for it

The bonus is a form of economic assistance Just like in other sectors. After the government’s decision and the participation of other entities, the consent of the privacy guarantor is made to activate custom portal. The financial contribution will be disbursed by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility – MIMS – in agreement with the Minister of Economy and Finance – MEF.

there a program Enable to access will be called Driving license voucher From there, those interested will be able to Submit your request. Once accepted, a invoice to appear forA driving school has been selected. It is not known if there are affiliate activities or if you will be able to contact anyone.

The cash contributionIf granted, he will be able to access 2500 EUR. And anyway no more 80% of total expenses To be sustainable for obtaining a driver’s licence. It can be used from 2022 until the end of 2026.

that it important incentive that will be able to Helping many young people enter the world of work, and in an industry that needs well-trained employees. To access, however, you must meet some requirements. That is, you must be between 21 and 35 years old. Moreover, cHello, aware that RdC will be able to place ordersA, as well as the benefits from Shock absorbing partnerthere.

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