Omicron, here is the new BA 2.75 sub variant to watch. Mutations and potential immune escape

in panorama Sub variants of Omicron The named person is registered and reported to the scientific community Bachelor 2.75. “Possible second generation variant, apparent rapid growth and wide geographical spread” are the second characteristics Tom Peacocka virologist in the Department of Infectious Diseases atImperial University of London, Surveillance of Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus should prompt surveillance of the new mutant. Compared with Omicron 2 (BA.2), the new sub-variant “has 8 additional mutations” on Spike ProteinExplains Ulrich Elling, a molecular biologist at the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (Imba) in Vienna. A number considered significant by experts compared to the number observed in the other sub-variables (eg in BA.5 they are 3). In all, however, according to data released in these hours via Twitter, There will be 11 mutations that distinguish it from Omicron 5, the most popular variant currently.

To summarize the main fear that drives “experts” to raise the level of interest in this mainly reported mutationIndiaas it appears to be “growing fast”, but has also been intercepted in other countries such as new Zeland and the United kingdomhe is Eric TopolUS scientist director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California: Mutations observed in BA.2.75″It could make immune leakage worse than what we see nowThis new sub-substitute in India competes with Omicron 5, contemplates. The expert adds, via Twitter, that the advantage over BA.5 is so significant that this version of Sars-CoV-2 is increasingly contagious, levels that may be even higher. From a “transition sample” such as measles.

for this reason Giorgio Gilestro“If the data on the new BA.2.75 variant is confirmed, we could also counter Covid-22,” says, a neurobiologist and lecturer at Imperial College London. Elling wonders if this is a “new breed to worry about.” the reason? “I don’t like the spikes observed – he writes – before we finish the BA.5 wave”, Omicron 5, “Maybe we should already prepare for the next one”. Eyes are particularly focused on India, the country from which the largest number of BA.2.75 chains arrive at the moment. Even if cases associated with this sub-variable are still few, the ‘international distribution’ of viral sequences is reported to databases.It excludes sequence errors and makes it very likely that the real numbers will be much higher‘, said Elling.

“Mutations” observed in BA.2.75” also affect the “N-terminal domain” and “receptor-binding domain.” But, Elling notes, “it is really too early” to know whether BA.2.75 will have the ability to steal the supply from Omicron. 2 and Omicron 5. Some mutations (3 for Elling) They can make a big difference. And “a total of 11 mutations characteristic between Omicron 5 and BA.2.75 could allow another wave, where BA.5 immunity may not be sufficient to create a suitable wall.” For his part, virologist Peacock is not unbalanced and leaves another scenario open: “It is worth saying that it is also possible that this ‘new sub-alternative’ grows only against the background of BA. Barrier BA.5 and crash. We will see.”

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