“Participation in the Big Brother Vip…”

According to some rumors, former men’s and women’s jockey Giorgio Manetti will be one of Gf Vip’s new competitors.

In the past few days, they dropped out Really interesting news regarding the upcoming release of Gf Vip. After the discovery of the official commentators – Sonia Bruganelli and Orita Berti – Alfonso Signorini launched a social proof of the first contender. Immediately fans tried to guess, identifying him as Shadia Rodriguez. But really we were talking about potential candidates And about some there are many rumors. It is with Giorgio Manettithe former jockey for men and women as well as the former torch of Gemma Galgani.

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Gf Vip, is Giorgio Manetti in charge of the cast?

According to some rumors, Alfonso Signorini would like Giorgio Manetti and Gemma Galgani to star in the upcoming Big Brother Vip. Together, directors can create sparks and keep the audience glued to the screen from beginning to end of the reality show. However, at the moment it is a stray matter. On gossip and on television, as reported by the Socidiario, we read in this regard:

For some time, there has been talk of Gemma saying goodbye to men and women and accepting the GF Vip offer might be the right opportunity to leave the afternoon broadcast with a particular class. Not to mention that by entering Italy’s most spying house, Galgani will have even greater insight. To instantly liven up the dynamics, Signorini was considering proposing an agreement also to Giorgio Manetti, Gem’s old love. The former rider, who recently returned, said he’s hesitant about the number of days he spends in Cinecittà’s lair, but isn’t entirely against the idea. Also because participating in the Big Brother Vip will give Seagull many advantages from a professional and economic point of view.

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