Piervittorio Ciccaglioni resigns and leaves active politics

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Alexandria – “last night in leagueI have informed of my decision not to continue active politics despite my re-election my advisor In the last administrative electionsWritten and posted on social networks by a former advisor to Giunta Cuttica, Piervittorio Ciccaglioni. “today (yesterday, editor) I have signed my resignation. A painful but necessary choice“.

Ciccaglioni explains that the choice was made”First and foremost for health, then age (we will celebrate 80 years soon) but above all to give back to my family and to revive Velma that presence in the family that they have missed for so many years from the official, but I have never said, claimed or hinderedAnd to those who supported her, thank you andHug. I had started in the ’80s with the counties moving into the new precincts, then the role of counselor in Cissaca, then the presidency of the ATC regional home company and these past five years as a counselor on Cuttica Council“.

It shuts down for the university’s ace.”A long and emotional administrative and political period. I’ve done my best, and I hope that’s enough. I found helpful citizens, precious in advice, helpful in reporting many problems and they were always very close to me as well as the municipal staff. I sincerely thank them“.


Cinzia Lomira will replace Piervittorio Ciccaglioni in the City Council”My dear friend, the attentive and equipped manager. I am grateful for life, for so much. Now my primary commitment is to my family, Velma, my children and my four grandchildren. In my heart there will always be space for solidarity, for those in need, for true friends. I have always said that I love our Alexandria in a profound way: I affirm it

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