Playing with smartphones is huge for The Verge –

play in it cloud games on me smart phone It includes many problems, as emphasized by an article by Alex Kranz for The Verge, which goes so far as to define experience”distastefulFor what reasons?

The starting point is the primary promise of cloud gaming, which is the ability to play any game anywhere, even those that usually require very powerful consoles or computers to run. The point is that compared to hardware for video games like Steam Deck, smartphones have contraindications Apparently not trivial, though frankly questionable.

Is playing in the cloud inconvenient or convenient?

The first is that the cloud consumes files faster batteriesThis creates anxiety for the user. In fact, a lot depends on the phone and the condition of the battery. For example, there are many testimonials of people playing in the cloud with iPhones that last for many hours, much longer than Steam Deck batteries (about 4 hours).

The second is annoyance Notices During gameplay and risk of expulsion from games if certain phone features are activated. Even at this juncture, however, it is arguable as to why notifications can be disabled, as many find them useful no matter what they’re doing.

The third is insufficient Touch controls, which is only partially compensated by dedicated peripherals such as the Razer Kishi, which in any case you must remember to take it with you and therefore are not always available. However, even in this case, the proposed alternative is strange, because for example, the multiplayer Steam Deck is still huge and you can not automatically carry it with you.

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