PlayStation Store and new PS5 and PS4 games on offer with sci-fi discounts –

The science fiction discounts on me Playstation Storebut there are new things Offers on me PS5 and PS4 games which have been added to the list of big titles already in promotion, with prices reduced by up to 75%.

It’s part of the new Resident Evil 2, just updated for PS5: the great new chapter 2 of the Capcom series could be yours for 15.99 euros instead of 39.99: Lowest price ever.

Speaking of the lowest prices ever, bray to the gods, the witch Shadow of the giant cloneavailable for €14.99 instead of €29.99: If you have been waiting for a big discount to try this adventure based on giants, this is your chance.

It fits perfectly in the sci-fi genre of Scarlet Nexus, an RPG by Bandai Namco, set in a future where almost everyone has psychic abilities out of the ordinary, and a horde of mysterious monsters come from another dimension to devour them. Brains: You can buy the game for €29.39 instead of €69.99.

Set up Cyberpunk and alternatively 2.5D mechanics for YEAR: Mutationem, which arrives on time with its first-ever promo and therefore the lowest price yet: €13.19 instead of 21.99 and this experience can be yours too.

Find the full list of PS5 and PS4 games when promoting on the PlayStation Store by visiting the Sci-Fi Discounts page.

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