Power outage “if you do not change the operator immediately”: pay attention to the new communication

Beware what happens with the transition to the free market because many Italians have problems.

Many Italians frantically search for a New electric starter to avoid dangerous power outages.

Guido Montani / Pal / ANSA

But it is necessary to understand well what is happening and how to defend against this situation. Italians’ lives are getting tougher. The increases in electricity and gas bills will continue in the third quarter as well It is not easy for families to cover these expenses.

“Change the launcher or there is a disconnect”: what happens

Italians are severely tested not only by the rising cost of living but also by persistently low wages and precarious wages.


But now there is also the question of moving from a protected market to a free market And many Italians try to do everything quickly To avoid power outages. But it is necessary to understand this situation better. Italian families really They will have to move to the free market This means that they will have to change operators. In fact, it is now the law of passage of Italian users to the free market This means that you will have to choose a new launcher to switch to your offer and that you will have to drop the old one, but some clarifications should be made.

What is happening and what are the Italians risking

All this will not happen immediately but many Italians They fall into a cunning trap. Let’s try to understand what is happening. Lots of Italians change The electric operator is in a hurry and ends up in the hands of fraudulent operators who charge higher prices. The fact is that the transition from a protected market to a free market will take place only on January 1, 2024. Therefore, only by January 1, 2024, many Italian families will have to switch to the free market and thus change the operator.

Beware of the scam: many have fallen for it

But the Italians in this period are disturbed by the harsh phone calls from the call centers that they tell them about That the transition to the free market must take place soon, therefore They should change the trigger immediately. Many Italians fall for it and end up in the hands of these new energy managers. So when receiving these calls, it is important not to trust And you understand that if you haven’t already switched to the free market, there is plenty of time to do so and, above all, time to choose an honest operator.

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