Putin recruits criminals in prison as cannon fodder. Pardon and three thousand euros for those who came back alive

Russia is vowing to overturn the sentences of the criminals and pay them £3,000 if they return alive after six months of fighting in Ukraine. The detainees are being recruited into Saint Petersburg prisons, told they will be put on the front lines of the hunt for “Nazis” in Ukraine in an agreement that they will be deployed cannon fodder. The Wagner PMC – seen as a company that works closely with Vladimir Putin’s armed forces and has close ties to the Kremlin – will be responsible for a recruitment campaign in criminal colonies No. 7 “Yablonevka”, No. 6 “Obukhovo” and No. 4 Voronosovo. The FSB security service, which was once led by Putin, is also involved. The expression “cannon fodder” is used to refer to soldiers being used on missions or missions where there is a very high probability of being killed.

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If true, reports indicate Russia’s desperation will find itself short of troops to send to the front line. A relative said to a guest: The so-called “inspectors” arrived in Yablonevka on Friday evening. They spoke to the detainees and asked them to “defend the homeland” … One of my relatives was told this: “It is very difficult to find the Nazis, they are well prepared, help us find the Nazis .. At first a moment., They said about 20 percent will come back, then They said that “almost no one will return.” Those who survived were promised a reward of 200,000 rubles (about 3,000 euros) and an amnesty. If the soldier died, they promised to pay 5 million rubles to the family (about 70,000 euros), but this was only said orally. It was not written into any contract.“.

Initially, the conscription campaign concerned only those who had already served in the army, but now it appears that it is open to all detainees. A source told IStories: About 200 people wanted to register, but in the end they only recruited 40 and were first exposed to a polygraph.

A relative of a prisoner chosen to fight with Wagner said: He was bribed with a promise that he would be home in six months and his criminal record would be erased.. In addition, after the expiration of six months, those who wish to continue the service will be offered a job. Another source, Vladimir Usichkin, founder-in-exile of the human rights group gulagu.net, said FSB officers were Recruitment of volunteers for Donbass among prisoners in Yablonevka. to the guests They were explicitly told that they would not carry any documents or badges and that their bodies would not be handed over to their relatives if they were killed..

Those selected after agreeing to fight are taken almost immediately. The families of the prisoners are terrified of what is happening gulag.net said. “Many have wives and children. Prisoners who agreed to leave talking like zombies to their relatives… Please help us stop this illegal.

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