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From Aldo Cazullo

Despite suffering an abdominal injury, and his father Sebasti waving his arms from the stands and telling him to retire, the Spanish champion continues the match and beats American Taylor Fritz.

Father’s sin.
Nadal doubled down with abdominal pain, obviously unable to continue playing, and lost the set he was in control. Father Sebasti, Sister Maribel, Manager Carlos Costa waving their arms from the stands Wimbledon: Stop, quit! His pregnant wife Xisca says nothing. Rafa leaves the field for treatment time-out, a medical intervention that obviously can’t change things. Re-enter the middle. He does not look at the runway, and avoids meeting his father’s eyes. Everyone thinks he will shake hands with his opponent, Taylor Fritz, retire, and give up his dream Winning Wimbledon after twelve years and winning the third Grand Slam of the year. Instead, Nadal grabs the racket. Holds his head down to his side of the playing field. And start playing again.

This gesture indeed sounds like an epic story. Furthermore, Fritz is the same player that Nadal played with (and lost) this year’s final Indian wells – Master of 1000, important tournament – with a broken rib. But the most amazing thing, or most epic if you prefer, is that this match was won by Nadal. This one wins, in the fifth set tiebreaker, a match no one else has played. To interrupt the saga, it must be said that Nadal did not win by heart, let alone muscle. He won thanks to his superior intelligence. Not being able to send to the full, not even exchanging SMS (he who missed the last hit in the time of Monti’s government), he set up a game with his head full, always looking for the opponent’s backhand, opening the field to close with a forehand, or calling him into the net By the short ball: At one point three in a row, they all win. Needless to say, poor Fritz didn’t understand anything anymore, and he desperately sought the help of his clan, who lavished themselves on gestures opposite to theirs. Sebasti Nadal: Stay there, wait, don’t give up. The tiebreak was then a great tactical masterpiece, 10 to 3 (to win the fifth set tiebreak, you need to score ten points), an absolute mental dominance.

If his muscles don’t allow him to serve, Nadal will have almost no chance of beating Nick Kyrgios in the main match, sure Nothing like beating Novak Djokovic in the final (Although there is hope, because in that case Nole would be ready to vaccinate, only to be able to play the US Open and prevent his opponent from winning the title. Big bangs, aged 36 years). However, tonight we can do three things.

Forgive Rafa for mistreating Sonego: something not of him, and he certainly regrets it.

Repeat it – even if he is lame, paralyzed, bald – Rafael Nadal is confirmed at every opportunity The greatest tennis player of all timeand the only modern hero who could come close to the epic sport of the last century. An inspiration to everyone who refuses to give in to fate and pain.

Finally, remember that every now and then disobeying a father—even a father who can no longer bear to see his son suffer—can, and must.

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