Raw basil: what happens if you eat it, everything no one knows

Basil is now part of our recipes, which is now a symbol of our country but many do not know its origins. The origin of basil goes back to India, it reached Greece and Italy around 350 BC, and it was used in Greece as an ornamental plant, and in India it is considered a sacred plant.

The name is derived from the Greek word “basilikon” which later became Latin “basilicum”, which means royal plant. Basil was not immediately used extensively in cooking. Its use was originally therapeutic: digestive properties, and it helped heal wounds, stomach pain and other problems. This is mainly because it was previously thought to lead to insanity or other mental illness. In fact, even today’s basil, especially if eaten raw, brings many benefits to our health.

Raw basil: what happens if you eat it, everything no one knows

This aromatic plant contains many vitamins and minerals, although it has almost no calories and a very low glycemic index. Therefore, it can be added to all our dishes even in the case of diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity. The anti-bacterial action makes it an excellent ally that you can always rely on.

Drink an herbal tea with this herb, or use the essential oil as well. Basil is also known for its properties, among which we remind you of antioxidants, which are very useful for fighting free radicals. Protection in these cases is never enough, but fortunately basil is rich in antioxidant compounds.

It strengthens the immune system, so it helps you protect your body from flu and infections. Viruses and bacteria can strike every day, and if your immune defenses aren’t at their best, it’s easy to get sick. However, basil is known for its beneficial action in this context. Therefore, it not only fights free radicals, but also influenza diseases and associated symptoms. Finally, the use of basil essential oil is evaluated against states of anxiety and stress.

Even in stressful situations, he seems to be able to provide a good help. All you have to do is use a few drops of the essence in the ambient air diffuser. However, consuming the plant also relaxes the mind. So we can define basil as an authentic goldmine of nutrients and benefits for our body.

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