Release date announced, it will be officially released in 2022

After a long series of rumors, rumors and leaks finally Sony announces God of War Ragnarok release date for PS4 and PS5. We were expecting a custom playable case and instead a post on the PlayStation Blog was announced, but clearly what matters is that GOW Ragnarok has an official release date.

God of War Ragnarok will be released on November 9, 2022and thus avoiding a postponement to 2023, as emphasized several times by Jason Schreyer, the Bloomberg journalist was one of the few to always flatly reject a possible postponement of the game to next year.

Meet well-known faces such as Brock, Cyndry, Freya and Thor, even the new characters (especially Angerboda and Tyre, the Norse god of war) this time father and son will gather to visit Enchanted Places and Frozen Lands of Fimbulwinter, the long and cold winter that, according to legends, predicts the coming of Ragnarok. Chapter 2 of this new cycle of God of War will also effectively shut it down, which could signal the emergence of Odin and important revelations about Loki/Atreus.

Sony also confirmed The highly anticipated opening of God of War Ragnarok pre-orders He unveiled all the physical and digital releases available from November 9, as well as proposing to unlock the God of War Ragnarok Special Edition cans.

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