Roma, will Zaniolo leave? A new match between Bento Figuerelli and Juventus…

Giallorossi GM reiterated to Vigorelli that at the moment there are no player renewal offers: to start playing 55-60 million cash is required, technical counterparts are not accepted

Today in Trigoria we saw Thiago Pinto, Roma GM, and Claudio Vigorelli, attorney for Niccol Zaniolo. The boy, who was present on the first day of training, arrived with his father Igor, and if he did not stop at the entrance – and no one liked it – then on his return he stopped the car for selfies and autographs. The fans present (a few, all very young) asked him not to go to Juventus, and he did not reply. If he talks to Mou in private, no one knows. Also because the Portuguese started the season with Trigoria locked: no training photos or videos, including home media.

the meeting

Also in the secret rooms of the Trigoria we saw Tiago Pinto and Vigorelli. The situation has not moved an inch: Roma repeated that they want at least 55-60 million player cash, they can accept a loan formula with a redemption obligation, but they do not want their counterparts. To date, there is no such offer and Vigorelli did not make it. If he arrives then (and Juve was and remains the favourite) Roma will not only listen, but accept, or else a date in September. Because, and this was another point of the meeting, until the end of the transfer market, Roma had no intention of making offers to Zaniolo to renew the contract. we will see.

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