Russians withdrew

War in Ukraine, news live today July 6, day 133 since Putin’s invasion by Russia.

18.12 Ukrainian defense retreat from the disputed Movement restrictions for men of combat age. Today on Telegram, the commander-in-chief of the army, Valery Salushny, announced the abolition of the order, which was also criticized by President Volodymyr Zelensky. The order, which was issued yesterday, ordered all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to request a permit from the local enlistment office in case they wanted to leave the area in which they were registered. But complying with this requirement has been so difficult that tens of thousands of men of long fighting age have fled their homes to move with their families to safer areas of western Ukraine. Only now the ban on leaving the country, which was imposed after the Russian invasion on February 24, remains in effect.

5:15 pm The German Chancellor Olaf Schulz He announced the imminent delivery of other weapons systems to Eastern European countries which in turn would transfer old Soviet weapons, which Ukrainian soldiers know how to use, to Ukraine. Schulz said, at a hearing in the Bundestag, that the government “has now concluded agreements of this kind with different countries”. The agreement covers the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Slovenia. Delivery is scheduled for the next few weeks.

4.45 pm Dozens of activists in Belarus are at risk of being sentenced to death for sabotaging, in recent months, the railways used by the Russian army to invade Ukraine in what has been called the “railway war”: Dozens of actions have been promoted, since last January, by a group calling itself “Bypol”. The trial of the first three accused of these acts of vandalism will soon begin. Official charges against Dzian, God and Dzmitri belong to an extremist group, of committing an act of terrorism (which is punishable by death), premeditated harm to the lines of communication and high treason. Belarusian supporters, since January, when the Russian and Belarusian army took part in joint exercises, repeatedly set fire to signal control units and deactivated online management systems.

11:00 am European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called on the European Union to prepare for the possibility that Russia will “completely” cut off gas supplies. “We must prepare for further problems with gas supplies, even for a complete cut off by Russia – said a speaker at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg – in general today, 12 member states are directly affected by a total or partial reduction in gas shipments. .

11.20 am – A high-level visit should be prepared on the possible meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis, but so far there have been no concrete contacts. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Interfax reported.

10.45 am – Two civilians were killed in Russian shelling yesterday on the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine. This was announced by the state administration, citing Ukrinform. Nearby settlements were also affected, but it was not yet possible to verify whether there were any casualties and the extent of the damage.

9.00 am – “Last week, Russian forces likely advanced another 5 km along the E40 main road from Izyum, in the face of very determined Ukrainian resistance” says the British Ministry of Defense intelligence report in the daily update on Twitter. The report said the Battle of Sloviansk would likely be the next major challenge in the Battle of Donbass with Russian forces approaching and 16 kilometers from Donetsk city. Russian forces from the eastern and western force groups are now likely about 16 kilometers north of Sloviansk where the central and southern force groups also pose a threat to the city, the report said, adding that Russia is likely to continue to consolidate its control over Lyschansk and Lugansk. In the north, it engaged most of the remaining units available from the eastern and western force groups on the Isium axis.

07:30 The Russians withdraw from Kramatorsk

The Ukrainian army inflicted heavy losses on Russian troops in the direction of Kramatorsk, an eastern city of Donetsk: this was stated on Facebook by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, citing UNIAN. In the direction of Kramatorsk, the Russians fired on civilian infrastructure in the Siversk and Gryhorivka regions. Ukrainian units inflicted significant losses on the enemy during his offensive attempt in the areas of the settlements of Verkhnokamyansk, Belogorivka and Grihorivka. The occupiers withdrew,” the staff writes.

06:03 Marina Vyazovska: From Kyiv to the “Nobel Prize in Mathematics”

Mathematics has a new star. Ukrainian Marina Vyazovska is the second woman to win the Fields Medal, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Mathematics (with a difference awarding young talents under the age of 40). Before her, only Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani, who died prematurely in 2017. Passing the perfect wand between these two brilliant minds, also carries the burden of representing a model for all the girls who love equations and symmetries, eager to join a club that is still very manly.

Putin and Xi in yellow on the invitation to Moscow. “The Chinese leader refused, the Covid pandemic has nothing to do with him”

05:56 Kharkiv Displaced more than 220 thousand

More than 220,000 people residing in the Kharkiv region have received IDP status so far and moved to safer areas due to Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine. This was announced by the governor of the region Ole Sinihopov.

05:55 “Two foreign merchant ships hijacked by pro-Russian separatists”

Russian-backed separatists have seized two foreign-flagged ships in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, claiming they are now “state-owned”. The Kyiv Independent newspaper reported, citing international media. This is the first such action against commercial shipping since the war began. The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic informed two shipping companies that their ship had been subjected to “compulsory appropriation of movable property with forced conversion into state property” without any compensation to the owners. This is Smarta´, which is flying the Liberian flag, and ‘The Blue Star,’ flying the Panamanian flag. According to the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO), more than 80 foreign-flagged ships are still stuck in Ukrainian ports, many of them under Russian control.

05:53 The White House: We continue to strengthen Ukraine

The US approach to the current crisis in Ukraine has not changed, and the US goal remains to strengthen Kyiv’s position as much as possible in light of possible negotiations with Moscow. This was stated by White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre in response to reporters’ questions about the developments in the war situation. “As President (Joe Biden) has said many times, there can be no negotiations on Ukraine without Ukraine,” the spokeswoman said.

05:49 Erdogan’s Draghi, here are the topics of the confrontation between Italy and Turkey

There is talk of gas being discussed by the two delegations even before Draghi has even set foot in the presidential palace. At the press conference, Erdogan referred to the great cooperation between the two countries, joint work on gas in the Sakarya field, and other joint projects, but what he did not say is that the two countries did not succeed even on the way. From citing Cyprus in the final declaration of the summit.

In general, clarified and at times discouraging the entanglement of interests and tensions between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey on the maritime borders of this part of the Mediterranean in the face of Lebanon and Israel, the Italian and Turkish delegations attempted to take steps forward in favor of gas exploitation. Already discovered fields, transporting the gas itself, drilling potential new targets. For now, at least for the large Israeli gas field that can pass through Turkish territory before being transported to Europe, the variables are still too many.

01:23 Ukraine remembers 89 war hero athletes who fell against the Russians

The last of them, in chronological order, was 42-year-old Alexander Shishkov, coach and head of the children’s football team in Sergeevka. Last Friday, he was waiting for his children who went to train in Odessa, when a Russian missile hit the entertainment center where he was staying and killed him. After that, sports journalist Oleg Yashchuk, who disappeared near Lyschansk, fell into the hands of Moscow soldiers. Eighty-nine athletes and coaches have been killed, and 13 captured since the invasion began. The number was confirmed by Volodymyr Zelensky personally during a joint press conference with IOC President Thomas Bach.

01:20 Date of Birth: Canada was the first to ratify the request of Sweden and Finland

Canada became the first NATO country to formally agree to Sweden and Finland’s application for membership, following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. This was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling on other allies to do the same quickly.

01:19 Donetsk, 350,000 civilians will be evacuated

The governor of Ukraine’s last remaining eastern province under Kyiv’s control has urged its population of more than 350,000 to flee as Russia steps up its offensive. Governor Pavlo Kirilenko said it would be necessary to evacuate people outside Donetsk province in order to save lives and allow the Ukrainian army to better defend the cities from the Russian advance. “The fate of the entire state will be decided by the Donetsk region,” Kirilenko told reporters in Kramatrosk, the administrative center of the district and home to the regional headquarters of the Ukrainian army. “Once there are fewer people, we will be able to focus more on the enemy,” Kirilenko said.

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