Shaman, the elite battalion with which the Ukrainians carry out sabotage in the Russian land –

Kyiv is trying to slow down the advance, trying to make it as costly as possible for the army, retreating to more defensive positions and trying to strike from a distance, thanks to long-range systems. Meanwhile, he is preparing for counterattacks in the south, and continues his partisan guerrilla war.

Having labored in the first stage of the war, when they embarked with great difficulty in righteousness, The Russians found the right tactic to achieve the goals. In the Donbas they relied on artillery power – vastly superior to that of Ukraine – and they are advancing slowly, He still managed to grab the ground from the resistance: having occupied the entire Lugansk region, they are now aiming at Sloviansk and the rest of Donetsk, Take advantage of the advantage in terms of man and means. “There is a large concentration of artillery and armored vehicles in every square kilometer, we cannot resist,” he admitted to The Wall Street Journal Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

It is no coincidence that his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev confirmed this on Tuesday Moscow’s goals remain the same on February 24: Disarmament and disarmament of Ukraine. This means that after reducing range and targets to the eastern sector, with defenders still fatigued, the invaders They can go back to attack the rest of Ukraine. “The Kremlin – as the Institute for the Study of War wrote – is preparing for a long war with the aim of occupying larger parts of the country.”

These secret actions are the prerogative of the resistancewhich also strikes across the border thanks to the elite team of special operations: together with the bombing in the Belgorod region, And there have been many cases of sabotage and suspicious explosions in recent months – refineries, fuel and ammunition depots, communications infrastructures – on the Russian territory, from Belgorod itself to Kursk, up to Bryansk, which The Ukrainians did not explicitly claim Assuming it is karma.

to implement Shaman Battalion, 10th Special Operations Division of the Ukrainian Army, which are usually intended for intelligence operations and raids. It is made up of men between the ages of 18 and 50 from all levels of society, even a former deputy minister who shares the same motive. Only soldiers in excellent physical condition, who, after a 20-kilometre march, were selected with a backpack full of wet sand, and from Receive advanced training Made of diving, skydiving and climbing.

At this point in the conflict, Shaman’s men are tasked with striking and damaging infrastructure Which the Russians use to carry out the invasion of Ukraine, which is why they made several raids in the middle of the night, yet the operations remained secret. Soldiers – chosen on a voluntary basis for assignments, because they are extremely dangerous – Arrival to the Russian territory by helicopters flying at very low altitudes To evade anti-aircraft defenses – a tactic already seen in Mariupol to supply the soldiers of the Azov battalion fortified in the tunnels of the steel plant – and from there they move overland, placing explosives on the targets and thus trying to instill a sense of insecurity in the opponent.

The most important role is played by helicopter pilots. and explain to war zone Shaman leader. “These operations in enemy territory are the most interesting.”revealed Al times London “Adonis”, a nickname used by a soldier from the battalion For the first time, the Ukrainians have confirmed the strikes across the border, acknowledging that the shaman is currently under-resourced, but not in men. “Most of the time, the Russians don’t believe we were able to visit him,” he adds.

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