Shame on the royal family, farewell to the princess of the house: Destroy Leticia and Filippo

The royal family of Spain is also talked about a lot. This time there will be a secret that will destroy Leticia and Filippo. Let’s see what it is.

Letizia Di Spagna and Filippo –

Spain’s royal family has been shaken by several issues in recent years.

The royal family of Spain trembles

There is no peace at the Bourbon court: the royal family of Spain has, over the years, been shaken by many ups and downs. From Betrayal to Corruption A 300-page book titled A Complete Program is now available: Adios Princesa.

Royal family Letizia and Filippo
Royal family Letizia and Filippo –

The book will say very painful secret But also nondescript in relation to a member of the royal family: Letizia Ortiz. But what the former journalist wanted to hide at all costs, came to light.

What is the secret that broke the hearts of kings?

The author of the book is David Rocasolano, attorney and Spanish cousin of Letizia. He says that in 2002, in October, Letizia went to a clinic in Madrid called Dator. What was he supposed to do with it? Have an abortion. At that time in her life, the journalist was in a relationship with her colleague David Tejera. At the same time, he met Prince Felipe who would become his consort.

Her cousin was asked in 2003 to destroy all papers proving this voluntary termination of pregnancy. Because? The reason is simple: the king did not consent to the union of his son Philip with anyone divorced. Moreover, abortion in Spain was only expected in some cases such as: maternal health, violence or fetal abnormalities.

Today, the Queen’s goal appears to be to get to the heart of the matter and finally find out the truth:

“If she did not have an abortion, tell her and take her cousin to court. On the other hand, if he did and did not fall under the legal abortion cases, then it means that he has committed a crime.”

Royal family
Royal family Letizia and Filippo –

Meanwhile, no comment has arrived from the royal house, Watching what happened Despite the fact that the book immediately went to the top of the charts in Amazon Spain (there is nowhere in stores).

In the volume, the author Rocasolano tries to benefit above all religious question: A woman who has miscarried is automatically denied. Only the archbishop can readmit her to receive the sacraments, with prior permission. If Leticia hid her miscarriage from the church, her marriage could be void.

Currently, her cousin describes her as an obsessive woman, obsessed with her relatives’ betrayal of her. She also claimed that when she was pregnant with her first child, Leonor, she was telling everyone that she was going to have a boy named Bellago. Could it be the name Leticia thought of for the unborn baby?

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