Simeone opens the outdoor gym – Chronicle

This time, it’s Numana’s turn to open the Marche’s third equipped area to tourists and residents, and enter the outdoor gym at Sport e Salute Spa, a state-run company promoting sports and healthy lifestyles.

The project, which was shared with Anci and the municipality (representative and beneficiary), promotes well-being by navigating parks, parks and urban areas, in short, in all the green areas of the country.

A gift to citizens to allow them to exercise in the middle of nature for free and without age limits. The Opening Ceremony of the Equipped Sports Zone in the Parks took place in the park at Via Cavour and was filled with champions and distinguished in the sport, from Valerio Vermilio, former designer of the national volleyball team and silver medalist at the 2004 Athens Games, who conducted the event on schedule and with sympathy, from Olympian Sarah Simeone, Former Italian figure skater and gold medalist at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, to Italian champion Charlie Mittonikbone, the super light boxer.

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