Sky-Inter, Lautaro Martinez will remain. So the Dybala track can get hot again

Sky Sport is back in the path of Paulo Dybala for Inter and also talks about the future of Lautaro Martinez in the new season.

Sky Sports once again Paulo Dybala’s path to Inter. There are clear conditions to see Goya in the Nerazzurri in this transfer period, reveals the announcer. And here’s what’s behind the words of Pepe Marotta yesterday, who said: “Like Paulo Dybala and he represents an opportunity, but today we are in our place in the offensive department“.

Translator: Negotiation in standby mode, the player continues to pay attention but in order to become a buy, you have to sell in the attack (especially after Romelu Lukaku returns). The terms of Dybala’s path to becoming hot again at Inter are quite clear: Alexis Sanchez’s exit and one between Correa and Dzeko; In this case he will resume the attack on the Argentine. Instead, Lautaro Martinez will remain at Inter, as he and Marotta have confirmed on several occasions.‘, has been read.

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