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From Federica Banderali

The security officer who became a web star thanks to his expressions during the LoveMi concert met the singer at the Achille Lauro concert. The man, from Cornarido, recorded a short video that went viral within a few minutes

During the concert, LoveMI became a web star, after expressing his disapproval of the words contained in Paky’s song. And on Tuesday evening, the security officer Ivano Monzani met with the concert organizer Fedez in Piazza del Duomo, and wanted to record a short video with him and then also published in the singer’s stories. “Too many things that, huh, damn“A little embarrassed, Monzani says, pointing at Fides. The video, which lasted a few seconds, immediately went viral: it seemed that the meeting between the two was accidental. And theBoth were at the Achille Lauro حفل partyFedez may have been a guest of his co-worker and Monzani.

On Tuesday evening, Fedez, after taking his grandmother to dinner at a very popular sushi on Via Pantano, went to his colleague’s party, not knowing who he would meet. Ivano Monzani has a closed Facebook profileHowever, it turns out to be great Rock and heavy metal lovers: On his wall he shares videos of Ozzy Osbourne, Depeche Mode, and Queen.

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Jul 6 2022 (change on Jul 6 2022 | 13:44)

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