Stop hair loss Emma agrees to alopecia areata

Advances in the fight against baldness: the first treatment in Europe recognized as effective against a severe form of hair thinning

07/04/2022 – By Alessandro Malbello

stop hair loss with medication, baricitinib, approved By the EU regulatory agency, which can be prescribed by a doctor alopecia areata. says the vixen and Everyone thinks about baldness, but they are slightly different things. Male pattern baldness is that characteristic thinness of men, which is associated with the action of male hormones, which affects the hair follicles of individuals with a special genetic predisposition, and they are therefore the people who appear. Already bald at a young ageThey can lose their hair and become completely bald even within a few years. However, there is temporary hair loss Iatrogenic causes, chemotherapy effect Undergo anti-cancer treatments.

incomplete thinning

The right vixen is instead incomplete thinning, hair falls out in strands in affected areas, such as carrots that leave the skin exposed, and the pathogenesis is largely unknown, linked to a malfunction of the immune system. To cover defects, people with alopecia areata often resort to specialized prosthetics and other auxiliary materials (CRlab products are the most popular) to ensure a good aesthetic result; Women in particular, but also many teenagers and adults, are able to restore their natural features. However, the thinning of alopecia is protean, the spots can stretch, migrate or remodel, and palliative solutions or anti-stress psychotherapy can prove irrelevant. who wears hair in contact You may need to update the circumference of the cap that covers the extent of the hairless sections if necessary, if you want to maintain a neat look when running your hand through your hair.

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The fight against baldness remains a formidable task to this day. The good news is that the US pharmaceutical industry has perfected the treatment and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has allowed it, so the viability of an immunosuppressant has been recognized. Baricitinib for the treatment of alopecia Severe macular in adults. Baricitinib, is Janus kinase inhibitor Which has already given excellent results in rheumatology. Today it is the first drug recognized by the European Union as effective in thinning hair loss, and therefore fully included in the protocols in dermatology: 40 percent of alopecia areata patients treated with barcitinib at 36 weeks reached 80 percent of their restore scalp coverage And 75 percent of those achieved 90 percent hair extension, according to a statement from Eli Lilly and Incyte.

Clinical studies

Study results confirm the efficacy of baricitinib even after 52 weeks as demonstrated by the last annual meeting of American Academy of Dermatology. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that causes severe hair loss of varying severity, ranging from a few hairless patches to a complete loss of all hair. He wrote that it can affect patients of any race, of all ages Bianca Maria Pieraciniboss Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Bologna. “For the first time ever, the EMA is authorized to treat severe alopecia areata in adult patients – and the specialist added – I am excited about the possibilities of this drug that can be administered by OS (ie, taken orally, ed). Statistically significant results reported in phase III clinical trials.

psychological effects

“This condition has a significant emotional, psychological and social impact on people,” he says. Claudia Cassia, President For a non-profit association vixen and friends . “Many patients suffer from anxiety and depression due to the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, which creates strong conditioning in their private, social and professional lives, due to the lack of understanding It is a very common disease in all ages, and unfortunately also in school. We hope this approval is the first step towards Recognizing alopecia areata as a chronic disease Thus, towards new patient care and management.”

breakthrough in search

Baricitinib represents an important turning point in the search for treatments for patients with alopecia areata, who in the absence of specific treatments would have the only possibility of resorting to cosmetic solutions or undergoing off-label treatments, with some risks. He noted that “studies conducted on JAK inhibitors have sparked interest in this disease and led to a better understanding of its etiology, therapeutic targets and effects on patients.” Kitty Pierce, Professor of Dermatology and venereal disease, director of dermatology at the Gemelli dispensary in Rome as well as head Italian Society of Dermatology (SediMast). As with other chronic inflammatory skin diseases after the advent of biopharmaceuticals, we hope that studies (published in New England Journal of Medicine) It is the first in a long line of new treatments for this disease to me neglected for a long time.”

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