Stranger Things 4 is the second most watched Netflix series of all time –

Stranger Things 4 had become The second most watched Netflix series of all timetotaling 1.15 billion watched hours: better than the show that the Duffer brothers directed only Squid Game.

Apparently at #1 on the official Netflix chart as of July 3, 2022, Volume 2 of The fourth season of Stranger Things It achieved 301 million watch hours in the past weekend alone: ​​results that are added to the results of previous episodes.

As you may remember, the streaming platform adopts A rating system Very private and controversial, which takes into account when a particular show was only watched within twenty-eight days of its debut.

Interestingly, however, 1.64 billion watch hours squid game It was recorded in the year 2021 that was the result of an unexpected and unplanned performance, while Stranger Things 4 used the method of splitting it into two parts as well to increase the hype and hype on social media.

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