Tax bills, the change that would “save” debtors

The financial crisis is showing no sign of abating and more and more Italians are finding themselves struggling to deal with daily expenses. To make matters worse, the sectoral files that have accumulated over the years and are now back to present the bill to the citizens. Fortunately, an adjustment is on the way that will allow debtors to breathe a sigh of relief. We will inform you of all the details.

We’re just talking about one of the innovations introduced by the Aid Decree, particularly the tax bills that have been on hold in recent years. Important innovations have been introduced that will revolutionize the payment mechanism for debt notices.

A revolution for tax bills (web source)

Aid from the state to face difficult periods of economic crisis

This is a big step by the state towards the citizens who are facing difficulties and who have faced serious problems during these two years of the pandemic. in meeting all the payments they had to make. This amendment was designed and introduced by the Chairman of the Chamber’s Finance Committee, Luigi Maratin, who has amended an article in the Constitution since 1973. A sigh of relief to the many citizens who came out economically exhausted even from the dire consequences of the war.

In fact, the situation became almost unbearable; The prices of basic necessities have skyrocketed, not to mention fuel which is now practically a luxury good. For all these reasons, the Italians could not cover all the expenses and today they find themselves in great difficulty.

Details of the amendment contained in the assistance decree

Practically, we are talking about simplification that relieves pressure on every citizen. In fact Anyone who receives, from now on, a tax invoice can request a deferment without having to submit any documents to support the application. The minimum after which it will be necessary to submit documents evidencing the actual difficulties faced by the taxpayer has been raised from €60,000 to €120,000.

Possibility to pay in installments up to 120,000 euros (web source) (1)
Possibility to pay in installments up to 120,000 euros (web source)

Moreover, the assistance decree also stipulates that the maximum number of unpaid installments, against which the right to deferment has been suspended, will range from 5 to 8. The state, as announced by Luigi Maratin, It will make it possible to pay the amounts in installments, avoid cumbersome bureaucratic steps and eliminate almost all formalities. An act of trust towards citizens that was experienced by the crisis.

The decree of assistance, having obtained the confidence of the deputies of the House, shall be presented to the senators. Once this second step is passed, the decree will be ready for approval and all is expected to be done by mid-July. Of course, the new provisions will be in effect after the decree enters into force.

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