Tesla Surprise: Unveils PV Range Extended Trailer with Starlink

Tesla Practically speaking, it never used advertisements, and was always content with word of mouth between owners, or within the bounds of indirect advertisements. In the same way, his appearance in trade fairs and exhibitions is very rare, which is why he is present during IdeaExpo In Hanover, Germany, it stunned many visitors (as well as many exhibitors).

In addition, Elon Musk is not limited to showing something already known, such as the cross-section of Structural Battery 4680 present in her suite, but also brought something completely new and unexpected. Let’s talk about a Trailer with range extender functionwith Retractable PV Panelsso as to triple the exposure area when the car is parked.

There is also an additional touch, as you can see from the image, represented by a file Starlink’s new satellite antenna.’s internet connection SpaceXIt was recently updated to be used also by moving vehicles. The electric vehicle, which pulls this trailer, will always have a recharge and a high-speed Internet connection available.

Depending on the size and number of panels, a range extender trailer is unlikely to have a capacity of more than 2.5 kW, capable of recharging. 80 km of autonomy after a full day of exposure. So it seems more of an exercise in style than a real product.

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