The best fish restaurants in Milan according to Alessandro Borghese Cook

Not just cutlets, risottos, design and fashion. Milan is also the capital of fish, it has the largest fish market in our country: more than 10 thousand square meters and more than 25 thousand tons of raw materials annually, for a turnover of nearly 700 million euros. This is a factor that could not fail to influence the city kitchen. In addition to the classics of the Milanese tradition, she has for years been open to suggestions from the South. in Milan, Alessandro Borghesebeen there several times with 4 restaurants. In the third episode of the eighth season we came back with exactly this purpose, to find the best fish restaurant with a special interest in fried food (the special category of the episode). To win the challenge, therefore the €5,000 required to reinvest in the business is da julia restaurant. With its raw and authentic dishes, this fact in the blood of Apollinian overcame the taste of the chef and surpassed other titles in the competition (El PecAnd the T4 Bistro Experience And the Spark 2). Located between Paolo Sarpi and Sempione, the winning place is named after his cook, also known as the General. And he warns in the hour of service that I only speak Julia Grande At the beginning of the episode just to clarify how it works in his house. Born in Milan’s Bisgli 40 years ago, here it is, serving traditional dishes without giving in to the temptations of fusion and state-of-the-art techniques. Sauces, dips, and elaborate preparations are meaningless to her because the fish doesn’t need a lot of processing.

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